Laura Taalman


GSCI 104: Introduction to 3D Printing

Fall 2013, Spring 2014

MATH 103: The Nature of Mathematics – Games and Puzzles

Fall 2006Fall 2007

MATH 103: The Nature of Mathematics – Origami

Spring 2007

MATH 107: Fundamentals of Mathematics

Fall 2009

MATH 167: Fabrication of 2D and 3D Mathematical Objects

Spring 2013

MATH 199: Algebra/Precalculus Gateway

Fall 2012Spring 2013Fall 2013Spring 2014

MATH 231: Calculus with Functions I

Fall 2001Fall 2002Spring 2003Fall 2003Fall 2004Fall 2005Fall 2008Spring 2011Fall 2013, Fall 2016

MATH 232: Calculus with Functions II

Spring 2002Fall 2002Spring 2003Spring 2004Spring 2009Fall 2011Spring 2012Spring 2014, Spring 2017

MATH 235: Calculus I

Fall 2000Fall 2010Fall 2012Spring 2013

MATH 236: Calculus II

Spring 2001Summer 2002Spring 2011

MATH 245: Introdution to Proof and Discrete Mathematics

Fall 2005Spring 2006Fall 2009Fall 2012

MATH 297: Knot Theory Research and 3D Printing

Spring 2014

MATH 353: Graph Theory

Fall 2008Spring 2013

MATH 430: Abstract Algebra I

Spring 2004Fall 2004Spring 2005

MATH 434: Advanced Linear Algebra

Fall 2007Spring 2012

MATH 435: Algebraic Topology

Fall 2006

MATH 497: Independent Research in Knot Theory

Fall 2012, Spring 2013

MATH 499 Honors Thesis: Sudoku and Multiple Gerechte Designs

Spring 2006-7

MATH 499 Honors Thesis: Determinants of Spiral Knots

Spring 2014-15

MSSE 570M: Mathematics Teaching Methods

Fall 2016

JMU M^3 NREUP Consultant: Mancala/Tchoukaillon

Summer 2010

JMU Internal REU:  Knot Theory

Summer 2012

JMU Internal REU: 3D Printing

Summer 2013

JMU NSF REU: Mancala/Tchoukaillon

Summer 2011

JMU NSF REU: Knot Theory

Summer 2003Summer 2004, Summer 2007, Summer 2013

JMU Math/Stat STAR Student Program: Multi-material 3D Printing

Fall 2013, Spring 2014

JMU CIT Faculty Sandbox: Introduction to 3D Printing

Spring 2014

JMU Innovation Services: 3D Design LiY on Sketchup and Virtual Reality

Spring 2017

JMU Innovation Services: 3D Scanning Sandbox

Summer 2017

MATH/CS Project Seminar: Pushing the Boundaries of 3D Printing

Spring 2017Fall 2017