Laura Taalman

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MATH 103: The Nature of Mathematics

Games and Puzzles Fall 2006, Fall 2007; Origami Spring 2007, 3D Printing Fall 2017

MATH 107: Fundamentals of Mathematics

Fall 2009

MATH 199: Algebra/Precalculus Gateway

Fall 2012Spring 2013Fall 2013Spring 2014

MATH 231: Calculus with Functions I

Fall 2001Fall 2002Spring 2003Fall 2003Fall 2004Fall 2005Fall 2008Spring 2011Fall 2013,
Fall 2016, Fall 2018

MATH 232: Calculus with Functions II

Spring 2002Fall 2002Spring 2003Spring 2004Spring 2009Fall 2011Spring 2012Spring 2014,
Spring 2017, Spring 2018, Spring 2019

MATH 235: Calculus I

Fall 2000Fall 2010Fall 2012Spring 2013

MATH 236: Calculus II

Spring 2001Summer 2002Spring 2011

MATH 245: Introduction to Proof and Discrete Mathematics

Fall 2005Spring 2006Fall 2009Fall 2012, Fall 2018

MATH 353: Graph Theory

Fall 2008Spring 2013

MATH 430: Abstract Algebra I

Spring 2004Fall 2004Spring 2005

MATH 434: Advanced Linear Algebra

Fall 2007Spring 2012

MATH 435: Algebraic Topology

Fall 2006


3D Printing and Design

ISCI 104: Introduction to 3D Printing

Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2017, Spring 2019

MATH 103: The Nature of Mathematics

3D Printing Fall 2017

MATH 167: Independent Study

Fabrication of 2D and 3D Mathematical Objects Spring 2013

UNST 390: Special Studies in University Studies

Representing the World in 3D Spring 2018 (electoral maps, GIS data, facial recognition, tactile floorplans)

MSSE 570M: Mathematics Teaching Methods

Desktop Fabrication with 3D Design and Lasercutting Fall 2016

JMU Math/Stat STAR Student Program

Multi-Material 3D Printing Fall 2013, Spring 2014

JMU Innovation Services Faculty Sandbox

Introduction to 3D Printing Spring 2014, Introduction to 3D Scanning Summer 2017

JMU Innovation Services Workshop

Sketchup and Virtual Reality Spring 2017, Carvey and Shopbot Fall 2017, 3D Printing Beyond Plastic Fall 2017,
Design Beyond Tinkercad Summer 2018 and Fall 2018, Design It Print It Share It Spring 2018 and Fall 2018,
3D Design in Color Summer 2018 and Fall 2018


Mentored Research

MATH 297: Undergraduate Research

Knot Theory and 3D Printing Spring 2014, Homotopy and 3D Printing Spring 2017,
Graph Theory and 3D Printing Fall 2017

MATH 497: Independent Undergraduate Research

Knot Theory Fall 2012, Knot Theory Spring 2013

MATH 499: Honors Thesis

Sudoku and Multiple Gerechte Designs Spring 2006-7, Determinants of Spiral Knots Spring 2014-15

JMU M^3 NREUP Consultant

Mancala/Tchoukaillon Summer 2010

JMU Internal REU

Knot Theory Summer 2012, 3D Printing Summer 2013


Knot Colorings Summer 2003, Torus Knots Summer 2004, Spiral Knots Summer 2007,
Mancala/Tchoukaillon Summer 2011, Singular Knots Summer 2013, Best Choice Games Summer 2018

MATH/CS Ars Geometrica 3D Project Seminar

Pushing the Boundaries of 3D Printing Spring 2017, Graph Theory and Discrete Geometry Fall 2017,
Graph Theory Spring 2018

JMU Math MakerLab Projects

Rolling Knots Fall 2018, Spatial Graphs Fall 2018, Exhaust Trench Modeling Fall 2018