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Collection of over 200 free downloadable original 3D-printable designs


geekhaus store for 3D prints of mathematical objects, jewelry, and gear


Updates on 3D printing, math geekery, maker projects, and whatever


Technical blog about 3D printing and the intersection of design, math, and failure


Conferences Organized

Illustrating Math II

Coming Fall 2019 // Organizing committee, full semester program on mathematics and 3D digital media at ICERM

Construct3D Georgia

2017 // Higher Ed Steering Committee, academic 3D printing conference at Georgia Tech

Construct3D Duke

2017 // Steering Committee and Organizer, academic 3D printing conference at Duke University

Illustrating Math I

June 2016 // Co-Organizer of week-long workshop conference on mathematics and 3D digital media at ICERM


August 2013 // Conference Director, first conference on recreational mathematics at MoMath

SUMS 1–9

2005–2013 // Co-Director, nine JMU Shenandoah Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics Conferences

MD/DC/VA x 4

2006–2008 // Program Chair, four regional section conferences, Mathematical Association of America


Conference Sessions Organized


Technical Tools for Mathematical 3D Printing
Co-Organizer, MAA Invited Paper Session, Joint Mathematics Meetings
Atlanta, Georgia, January 2017


What Can a Mathematician Do with a 3D Printer?
Co-Organizer, MAA Themed Contributed Paper Session, MathFest
Washington, D.C., August 2015


Knot Theory and its Applications
Co-Organizer, Special Session, AMS Section Meeting
UNC Greensboro, North Carolina, November 2014


Open and Accessible Problems in Knot Theory
Co-Organizer, MAA Invited Paper Session, MathFest
Hartford, Connecticut, August 2013


3D Industry Work

Shapeways Magazine

Current // Writer for articles on the technical aspects of 3D printing and design at Shapeways

NYPL Curriculum

2016 // Curriculum design for New York Public Library Shapeways course “Make It, Print It, Sell It”

Ultimaker Education

2016 // Research strategy and development for community blog and Pioneer Program, Ultimaker

DHF Blueprint

2016 // Content strategy, web development, and content developement for Blueprint, Digital Harbor Foundation

Project Challenge

2015 // Concept manager for educational thing-to-project documentation challenge on Thingiverse

Thingiverse Jumpstart

2015 // Product manager and content developer for Jumpstart 3D design resource on Thingiverse

MakerBot Classroom

2015 // Content developer for MakerBot in the Classroom, a published 3D printing resource

Thingiversity STEAM

2015 // Product manager and strategist for seven STEAM design challenges on Thingiverse



Lady Tech Guild

Current // Board member of the LTG of 3D artists, designers, biohackers, educators, and entrepreneurs


Current // Collaboration with designer Alicia Tam Wei for mathematically inspired manufacturing    

Brainfreeze Puzzles

Current // Joint proprietor of puzzle-making company for syndication and trade books


Current // Member of and Mathematical Ambassador for the Mathematical Association of America