Dr. Laura Taalman
Professor of Mathematics, James Madison University

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Spring 2020

MATH 232 – Calculus with Functions II
UNST 300E – Fabrication and Analysis of 3D Puzzles
Math MakerLab – Resin and filament prints for mathematical illustration
JMU Innovation Services – Faculty Associate and 3SPACE Leadership Team

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Construct3D – 3D printing conference hosted by Ultimaker and Rice in Feb 2020
3DPAC Conference – 3D printing conference hosted by JMU Libraries in April 2020
JMU 3SPACE – Our general education 3D printing classroom
TK Comment Reporting Form – For all Taalman/Kohn Calculus books


laurataalman@gmail.com / (540) 568-3355 / @mathgrrl
JMU Math/Stat Department, Roop 123, MSC 1911, Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807

@mathgrrl / (540) 568-3355
JMU Math/Stat Department
Roop 123, MSC 1911
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807

Fall 2019 schedule

ICERM Research Fellow – This semester I am on research leave attending and organizing the Illustrating Mathematics semester program at the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics at Brown University.

Quick  Links

JMU Innovation Services – Supervising the Integrative Design Technology Fellows program with Jamie Calcagno-Roach 
Math MakerLab – Run by Abby, William, and Dr. Rebecca Field this semester
TK Comment Reporting Form – For all Taalman/Kohn Calculus books



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