Day 2 – Voronoi box

Day 2 – Voronoi box

Day 2 – Voronoi box 640 480 mathgrrl

One of the new Community Shape Scripts on Tinkercad is a very nice Voronoi diagram maker by Brandon Cole (including the code!). As a sort of random test of what sorts of angles we can get away with when printing without supports, here is a trinkets box with Voronoi sides made from Cole’s shape script.

STL file:
Tinkercad link:
Thingiverse link:

Settings: Standard MakerWare “low” setting with no raft and no supports, on blue painter’s tape. Print time 48 minutes.

Technical notes: The Replicator 2 did a good job printing without supports on all but the most extreme overhangs, and an especially nice job of bridging along the top border. The model is a good sample set of what the printer can and cannot handle well. Obviously if you want to make a nice copy of this model then you should use some supports. The edge thickness is 2mm everywhere and fairly sturdy.



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