Day 58 – Cos Plate

Day 58 – Cos Plate

Day 58 – Cos Plate 640 480 mathgrrl

I need a small cookie plate for a reception.  And maybe PLA isn’t FDA-approved but frankly I think most people would probably eat a cookie that was sitting on the table with no plate at all, so a PLA plate is probably okay.  Just in case, however, here is a plate the minimizes cookie/PLA contact, because of the waviness of the plate – based off the cosine curve. This was made in Tinkercad using Brandon Cole‘s wonderful community shape script “Surface”. Until today I thought this made only the pond-ripple type of surface shown in the picture. In fact, you can modify the equation of the surface to be anything you like!  So here is a cookie plate based on the surface z = cos x (or actually, z=4*cos(.2*x), if you want to be precise.

STL file:
Tinkercad link:
Thingiverse link:

Settings: MakerWare low/.3mm with a raft to keep things steady. With these settings the print takes about an hour and 20 minutes and the majority of the plate is just one layer, with the plate printed on its side; no supports needed at all.



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