Day 104 – Tetrapuzzle

Day 104 – Tetrapuzzle

Day 104 – Tetrapuzzle 640 480 mathgrrl

One nice entry from the Makerbot Math Manipulative Challenge on Thingiverse was GeorgeHart’s Five Screw Puzzles. Here is the tetrahedron puzzle from that entry.

Thingiverse link:

Settings: MakerWare .3mm/low worked well, with no raft or supports (prints in two identical pieces).

Technical notes:  PLA can be sharp so don’t push too hard while trying to solve the puzzle or you could get sliced up by a pointy or broken piece! If you’re forcing it then you aren’t close to the solution anyway; the pieces fit together pretty well without too much forcing.

Stuff to change later: Although this is beautiful in the translucent PLA, I think the puzzle would feel better in your hands and twisting together if printed in ABS. Will try this on the Afinia next.



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