Day 127 – MakeyMakey Holder

Day 127 – MakeyMakey Holder

Day 127 – MakeyMakey Holder 640 480 mathgrrl

Today this print-a-day project was featured on the MakerBot blog in the MakerBot Stories post Mathgrrl Makes a 3D print a Day, by Blake Eskin!

A year of 3D-printing-flavored making for me, and a new year of MakeyMakey-flavored making for my sister. Today we printed her jensa’s MakeyMakey Gamepad case from Thingiverse/YouMagine, to go with her Thanxmas present:

Thingiverse link:
Download from YouMagine:

Settings: MakerWare .2mm/standard with supports to keep up the overhanging corners. We initially tried this on our usual .3mm/low setting but got a lot of loose diagonal threads on the flat base. Making the print finer solved the problem.



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