Day 142 – Fidget Cube

Day 142 – Fidget Cube

Day 142 – Fidget Cube 640 480 mathgrrl

Still underwater with the first week of school, so today we’re printing emmett’s great Folding Cube model from Thingiverse. The eight pieces print separately and then snap together with conical hinges to make an assembly that folds into two types of cubes, one with rounded corners and one with straight-cut corners. This type of folding cube is wellknown but I think emmett is the first to design a 3D-printed version.  It works wonderfully!

Thingiverse link:

Settings: MakerWare .2mm/Standard with no raft and no supports.

Technical notes: This model prints very nicely but I couldn’t get the hinges to assemble as printed. By cutting off the tips of the cones on the hinges and carving out notches when necessary I managed to force the cube together, but it was difficult. However, despite the difficulty and force involved with getting it assembled, it works really well. You can open and close the cube both ways with just one  hand without even looking at it. Good activity for boring bus rides or while waiting in line. :)


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