Day 165 – One-piece catapult

Day 165 – One-piece catapult

Day 165 – One-piece catapult 640 480 mathgrrl

A student in my GSCI 104: 3D Printing class built a catapult that prints in one piece! Inspired by zheng’s multi-piece Seej Catapult on Thingiverse, zackowen built a new Print in Place Catapult in Tinkercad that requires no assembly. We printed it successfully with no raft or supports at all!

Thingiverse link:

Settings: MakerWare .3mm/low with no raft and no support. The movable piece worked perfectly with no obstruction or weaknesses. The base of the firing arm was a little bit above the platform and printed with some sagging, but it was easy to cut off the loose threads.


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