Day 232 – Bookcasemaker

Day 232 – Bookcasemaker

Day 232 – Bookcasemaker 640 480 mathgrrl

Continuing our moving series, today we made an OpenSCAD module for making the most important type of furniture at all: bookcases! Here we have some Bondes (now discontinued, sadly) and Hemnes from IKEA, as well as a low TV stand:



Settings: MakerWare .3mm/low on a Replicator 2 with the bookcases on their backs so that support is not required.

Technical notes, OpenSCAD flavor: Again we continue from the previous day’s code. The interesting thing today is that we added a parameter for number of shelves and used a for() loop to put them in. The tricky part was handling the translation correctly while putting in those shelves.

// module for making bookcases //////////////////////////////

module bookcase(depth,length,height,shelves){
// body of the bookcase
translate(s*[0,0,0]) sphere(tiny);
translate(s*[length,0,0]) sphere(tiny);
translate(s*[length,height,0]) sphere(tiny);
translate(s*[0,height,0]) sphere(tiny);
translate(s*[0,0,depth]) sphere(tiny);
translate(s*[length,0,depth]) sphere(tiny);
translate(s*[length,height,depth]) sphere(tiny);
translate(s*[0,height,depth]) sphere(tiny);
// minus an inside
// put in some shelves
for (i = [1:1:shelves-1]){

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