Day 260 – Bed frame and floor plan

Day 260 – Bed frame and floor plan

Day 260 – Bed frame and floor plan 640 480 mathgrrl

Today’s print is very simple: just a snap-around bed frame to model the wooden frame around our king-size bed. As you can see in the picture, we’ve chosen the smallest of the bedrooms to be our “master” bedroom, and the bed will take up pretty much all of the room. The closet at the bottom of the picture is part of this bedroom, but the other closet is actually a piece taken out of this small room to make a closet for the bedroom to the right. We made the actual larger “master bedroom” into the office (Day 255), with the thought that we’d rather have extra room while awake than asleep.

The picture below also shows off the nice floor plan that P made in Illustrator from the measurements that the real estate broker and building super were kind enough to make for us. The floor plan is made 1:50 scale to match the printed furniture. My Mother’s Day gift this year was for everyone else in the house to pretend to be as excited as I am about spending time obsessively modeling our new apartment, so we’re almost done now with all the furniture…

Thingiverse link:

Settings: MakerBot Replicator 2 on .3mm/low, as usual.

Technical notes, easiest-OpenSCAD-code-ever flavor: The design is just a sharp cuboid (see Day 248) with a smaller one taken out so that the bed can fit inside.

// module for making bed frames /////////////////////////////

module bedframe(depth,length,height){
// total outer size
// take out inside
translate([2,2,-1]) cuboid(depth-4,length-4,height+2,sharp);


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