Holiday Belt-Tightening

Holiday Belt-Tightening

Holiday Belt-Tightening 640 480 mathgrrl

Do you ever get 3D prints that look stringy or lumpy? This week we were seeing a lot of weird-looking prints from one of our Replicator 2’s, so we decided it was time for some holiday hardware maintenance — specifically, tightening the X-axis belt.

Below is the maintenance video we followed to tighten the belt.  It isn’t difficult but it isn’t much fun either, unless you like awkwardly leaning over things while trying to tighten and loosen things in a dark space.  It’s worth it, though!

And wow, did it ever make a difference. After tightening a saggy X-axis belt we’re back as good as new; on the left is the loose-belt print, an on the right is the tightened-belt print, smooth as butter:


P.S. We’re printing these bracelets for the 2015 Joint Math Meetings in San Antonio from January 10-13. Come find us at the MoMath booth in the Exhibit Hall!  To see the math behind how they are made and download printable files, see our previous Trigonometry Style post. Here’s what we have printed for the meetings so far:




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