Girih Tiles for Interactive Islamic Designs

Girih Tiles for Interactive Islamic Designs 628 472 mathgrrl
Girih tiles are used in Islamic art and architecture to create intricate woven strapwork patterns. Their underlying periodic patterns are related to Penrose tilings and predate the formal mathematical discoveries of such tilings by at least 500 years. The basic colorful tile shapes determine overlaid strapwork in the middle, which is accented on the right by concealing the colorful tiles with gray ones… // Hacktastic

Snowflake Cutter

Snowflake Cutter 548 414 mathgrrl
Last winter we made 3D-printed snowflakes by converting images to bitmap with Inkscape, and then extruding in Tinkercad. You can read about that on the old MakerHome blog, Days 70 and 71, or download the models from Thingiverse. The reason we made 3D snowflake models that way last year is because that was all we knew how to do. I’m somewhat wiser now, and one whole year older… // Hacktastic
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