Using LaTeX with the New Canvas Quiz Engine

Using LaTeX with the New Canvas Quiz Engine 640 481 mathgrrl

Okay. Deep breath. It’s time to start figuring out how to teach online… I mean, how to do Actually Do It Well, not just as an emergency solution thrown together over a frenzied and sleepless week. There is a lot to work to do, so let’s start with something small: online math quizzes. In this post we’ll walk through how to use LaTeX typesetting in both the new and legacy Canvas quiz engines.

Stainless Steel Knots

Stainless Steel Knots 1800 1337 mathgrrl

Knots are embeddings of circles in 3-dimensional space, but they are typically studied in terms of their projections into 2-dimensional space. We can use 3D printed models to investigate knots in a more 3-dimensional way. This series includes nine Stainless Steel 3D printed knot conformations: Tritangentless Trefoil, Figure Eight Stick Knot, Cinquefoil Lattice, 5_2 Lissajous, 6_2 Petal Knot, two (7,2) Torus Knots, 8_19 Hyperboloid Stick Knot, and Midway Perko Knot…

Print All The Pentagons

Print All The Pentagons 1096 822 mathgrrl

Some years back we created the Pentomizer, a customizable model on Thingiverse that could generate all possible irregular pentagons that tile the plane. Although we went crazy making all sorts of things out of those pentagons, one thing we hadn’t done until today is create bulk sets of all fifteen types of tessellating pentagons that people could order from Shapeways. A lot of work goes into creating, packaging, creating media for, and setting up 15 different products. In this post we’ll walk through the surprisingly lengthly process of turning a model into a released product/design on Shapeways and Thingiverse…

Generating Random Mastery Quizzes with Nothing But LaTeX

Generating Random Mastery Quizzes with Nothing But LaTeX 1058 800 mathgrrl

What is Mastery Based Grading, why would you use it, and what’s the LEAST you can do to implement something effective? And how can we do it all in LaTeX…

Perko Knot Reprint: Dissolvable vs. Breakaway Supports

Perko Knot Reprint: Dissolvable vs. Breakaway Supports 2016 1512 mathgrrl

Our Giant Spiky Perko Knot takes six days to print… In this post we’ll walk through a reprint of this giant 3D model, and compare dissolvable and breakaway supports…

Knots in OpenSCAD with Sweeper

Knots in OpenSCAD with Sweeper 710 528 mathgrrl

This week we recreated a special collection of 3D knot models based on projects we did with students a few years ago, suitable for printing on SLS printers…

Hinged Triangle-Square

Hinged Triangle-Square 710 528 mathgrrl

One of our favorite 3D designs is a model of Dudeney’s famous hinged dissection of a triangle to a square, also known as the Haberdasher’s Puzzle…

Schönhardt Polyhedron

Schönhardt Polyhedron 628 472 mathgrrl

The simplest non-tetrahedralizable polyhedron is the Schönhardt polyhedron, which is a twisted triangular prism constructed in such a way that…

Pairs of Packable Scutoids

Pairs of Packable Scutoids 628 472 mathgrrl

There’s a new shape in town! In a new article “Scutoids are a geometrical solution to three-dimensional packing of epithelia” in the journal Nature, a group of scientists just introduced a new shape that they have dubbed a “Scutoid”. To make a 3D model of this new shape, we created a simple polyloft module in OpenSCAD that lofts from one polygon to another… // Hacktastic

Saddle Surface with Mathematica and Tinkercad

Saddle Surface with Mathematica and Tinkercad 540 406 mathgrrl

A saddle surface is one of the few things I think is really worth 3D printing for Calculus students. There’s something important able to feel the two competing curvatures with your actual hands, instead of just looking at a picture. Since I always like to use the simplest design tools possible, this is a model that I export from Mathematica and then process in the much easier to use design software Tinkercad… // Hacktastic