Hex Bowls for Settlers of Catan

Hex Bowls for Settlers of Catan 640 480 mathgrrl
Settlers of Catan + Cities and Knights + Expansion Pack + House Rules = Complicated. To help mitigate the chaos we keep our settlements, cities, roads, and knights in tidy 3D printed hex-boxes. The boxes have snap-fit lids with a slot to help with opening. We 3D printed boxes to hold our standard Catan pieces, extra Catan pieces, 3D Catan numbers, and some extra bits and pieces for our House Rules… // Hacktastic

Custom D&D Characters With Hero Forge

Custom D&D Characters With Hero Forge 1640 1230 mathgrrl
Want to make a 3D-printable Dungeons & Dragons character without learning Blender, ZBrush, or Maya? Try Hero Forge, one of the Shapeways Creator Apps. Hero Forge allows you to build a D&D character miniature from scratch, using a very simple online customization interface. This week we’ll show you how easy it is to create and print your own mini D&D character from the ground up… // Column at Shapeways

Add Custom Heraldry to Tabletop Minis With Meshmixer

Add Custom Heraldry to Tabletop Minis With Meshmixer 1310 917 mathgrrl
Earlier this month, Geek & Sundry featured the new Shapeways tutorial video The Ultimaker Conversion Tutorial: Add Custom Heraldry to a Miniature. This week on Tutorial Tuesday, we’ll build on that and show you how to create, remix, and add features to tabletop models. One way to easily create a custom tabletop figure is with Hero Forge, an in-browser, character designing app… // Column at Shapeways

Cube Puzzle Quartet

Cube Puzzle Quartet 628 472 mathgrrl
This year at Maker Faire Bay Area we hung out at the Ultimaker booth and offered a challenge: Solve one of these 3D-printed Cube Puzzles and you get to keep it! All of the pieces can be printed without support, and the puzzles and container are free on Thingiverse or YouMagine. All four are classic puzzles that you can read about in Stewart Coffin’s excellent book Geometric Puzzle Design… // Hacktastic

Minecraft Star Wars Trash Compactor & 3D-printed Remote Control Pants

Minecraft Star Wars Trash Compactor & 3D-printed Remote Control Pants 628 472 mathgrrl
I think I may have been waiting my whole life to write that title. For the littlebits bitWars Challenge we teamed up with Minecraft adventurers rileypb and cgreyninja to re-create the Trash Compactor Scene from Star Wars. Redstone and pistons were activated by a cloudBit that allowed real-world interaction, and we also included an automatic silverfish generator and a villager to play Chewie… // Hacktastic

Low-Voxel Stanford Bunny + Voxelization/Minecraft Tutorial

Low-Voxel Stanford Bunny + Voxelization/Minecraft Tutorial 1024 550 mathgrrl
Move over low-poly, it’s time to go low-voxel! In this post we use phooky’s classic Stanford bunny model to test out a fun, easy method of producing low-voxel designs: take a Thingiverse model, use Tinkercad to convert it to a “blockified” .schematic file, then use Minecraft to play around and repair, and finally use Printcraft to export the new “blockified” file for 3D printing… // Hacktastic

Day 159 – Catan expander

Day 159 – Catan expander 640 480 mathgrrl

At our house we have enough extra hex tiles to play a five-person Catan game, but not a fifth set of pieces. Today we printed a new full set of…

Day 141 – Companion Dodecahedron

Day 141 – Companion Dodecahedron 640 480 mathgrrl

So the spring semester started yesterday, and I’m already fully underwater with one calculus classes, three 3D-printing classes, and a lot of trips to plan. So today we print something…

Day 78 – Creeper party

Day 78 – Creeper party 640 480 mathgrrl

The rest of the Minecraft party favors… Thingiverse link: Settings: Same as yesterday except that some of these were printed on the Afinia. The Afinia ones had support that was…

Day 77 – Posable creeper

Day 77 – Posable creeper 640 480 mathgrrl

In need of some party favors for an upcoming Minecraft birthday party for C, today we tried out Conseils’ Minecraft Creeper with Movable Head on Thingiverse. Thingiverse link: Settings: Makerware low/.3mm…

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