Customizable Snowflake Cookie Cutters

For the past three years we’ve made a snowflake design for the holidays: In 2013 it was Snowflake Ornaments, a set of simple designs created by extruding an SVG image of snowflakes. In 2014 it was the Snowflake Cutter, which leveraged the image sketching functionality of the Customizer to mimic the way snowflakes are cut out of folded paper. In 2015 it was the Snowflake Machine, which provided a way to procedurally generate over a billion unique snowflakes in different styles. 

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We really weren’t sure where we could possibly go from there, until @matschi suggested the great idea of turning the Snowflake Machine into a Snowflake Cookie Cutter Machine!

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With these Customizable Snowflake Cookie Cutters the design of the Snowflake Machine is restricted to cookie-friendly patterns, and the model generates with one sharp side and one flat side (for pressing down on). From the Thingiverse link, click the “Open in Customizer” button, then click anywhere in the slider to make a snowflake cookie cutter. If you like it, click the “Create Thing” button, then come back and make some more. If you want a different design, just click somewhere else in the slider. Repeat over one billion times, or until you have enough snowflake cookie cutters for your holiday plans.

How to make cookies

Before you do anything, watch the sugar cookie video clip from the Cookie Clause episode of Good Eats, so Alton Brown can show you the basics of making sugar cookies. Trust me, whatever sugar cookie recipe you use, this video will help you do it successfully. Because your Snowflake Cookie Cutters will be somewhat detailed, it’s best to use a very firm sugar cookie dough recipe. I tested my cutters with The Best Cut-Out Sugar Cookies from The Kitchn.

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Because I am lazy and the cookies were already beautiful and detailed on their own, I didn’t bother to decorate them; I just mixed some confectioners sugar and milk to make a glaze and poured it over the cookies.

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As you can see from the pictures, I might have burned the cookies a little. They were delicious anyway.



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