Day 16 – Ms. PacMan letter opener

Day 16 – Ms. PacMan letter opener

Day 16 – Ms. PacMan letter opener 640 480 mathgrrl

On Thingiverse, peterpur’s round Letter Opener is just one step away from being Pac-Man.  Or Ms. PacMan, maybe?

STL file:
Tinkercad link:
Thingiverse link:

Settings:  Afinia H-Series on .2mm default normal, with a raft, in 21 minutes.

Technical notes: This model was made in Tinkercad, starting with mardenz’s silhouette of Ms. PacMan.  So that the raft separates well from the thin “blade” of the model, make sure that the Afinia’s build platform is not set too high.  More space between the nozzle and the platform helps the raft stay separate from the model.

Other notes: This isn’t the sharpest, best letter opener in the world, but it is better than getting a paper cut.  It is also safe for little kids to handle.



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