Day 17 – Strainer funnel

Day 17 – Strainer funnel

Day 17 – Strainer funnel 640 480 mathgrrl

To make a base for cold hibiscus tea, boil water and add to a handful of dried hibiscus flowers in a Mason jar. Once it has cooled to room temperature, strain into a second Mason jar. You can keep the base in the fridge for a pretty long time; at least a week. When you are ready for cold hibiscus tea, put a small amount of the base over ice and add plenty of water or club soda and lemon.  The only tricky part is straining and funneling at the same time when making the base – but not anymore!

STL file:
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Settings: Afinia at .4mm resolution, no supports (<10% setting), fast, with raft.  Printing takes about 37 minutes.

UPDATE: This print was “thing of the week” on the blog.  With an action photo!



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