Day 29 – Icosahedron failure bowl

Day 29 – Icosahedron failure bowl

Day 29 – Icosahedron failure bowl 640 480 mathgrrl

This year’s prize at the SUMS Conference is a lot of jawbreakers trapped inside a 3D-printed icosahedron (symbol for the Mathematical Association of America).  Yes I am working late at night at home again, shut up.  Also the icosahedron only printed halfway before my Replicator 2 had a shifting malfunction that I think is due to a bad xyz motor cable.  So we have a sort of a bowl today.

STL file:
Tinkercad link:
Thingiverse link:

Settings: MakerWare custom profile in about 45 minutes before everything suddenly shifted four inches to the left and we made a pile of angel hair plastic.  Settings as used in Day 5 except with shell thickness and roof count of 2:

"numberOfShells": 2,
"roofLayerCount": 2,
"floorLayerCount": 1,
"infillDensity": 0,
"bridgeAnchorMinimumLength": 0.3,
"bridgeAnchorWidth": 0.3,
"doRaft": false,

Technical notes: I got the icosahedron from johnchris‘ icosahedron Community Shape Script on Tinkercad, which meant that I had to rotate it to get it to sit on a face instead of a vertex. In Tinkercad it can be difficult to get things to rotate to just the right position to lie flat on the build plate, so to compensate I added a couple of wedges to the bottom to flatten things out.  Stay tuned for a future full print of this icosahedron once the Replicator 2 is repaired.

UPDATE: Check out Day 32 for a successful icosahedron jawbreaker trap!



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