Day 37 – Creeper desk ornament

Day 37 – Creeper desk ornament

Day 37 – Creeper desk ornament 640 480 mathgrrl

Okay, I’ve been traveling and I am very tired.  One more day of something simple.  A creeper face to keep you company on your desk.

STL file:
Tinkercad link:

Settings: Afinia .2mm normal in just over an hour.

Technical note: Although a very simple object, it was made in Tinkercad in a weird way that might come in useful later.  I started with a 10x10x20 box and used control-D to quickly cut and paste that box into an array of boxes, then deleted the boxes that were not part of the outline I wanted.  This gave me a fat outline of the creeper face (see Day 31).  Using multiple copies of that fat outline I shrunk the boxes to make a thin outline.  So this object is made of 1x10x20 boxes and some 1x1x20 boxes all grouped together.



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