Day 60 – Peano curve

Day 60 – Peano curve

Day 60 – Peano curve 640 480 mathgrrl

Today we have a space-filling Peano curve with a dish-like indentation just because it looks cooler that way. More dish-y and more space-filling-y than the H-Tree from Day 57! The model was made in Tinkercad using an image coded by

It’s fun to watch the Replicator trace out a space-filling curve, so here’s a short video of the first layer:

STL file:
Tinkercad link:
Thingiverse link:

Settings: On MakerWare “low” setting, each layer of the curve prints as one continuous curve!  It takes a bit over an hour to print.

Technical notes: The image of the Peano curve was opened in Inkscape and then “Path/Trace Bitmap” was applied before saving as an .svg file that Tinkercad could import and extrude.

Stuff you might want to change: This model is not stable for use as a dish that you want to carry around; since it is one continuous path, it unfolds quite a bit when you pick it up! However you can get the Peano curve part of the design out of the Tinkercad link and put it onto something more stable. Perhaps tomorrow…



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