Day 63 – Tetrahinge

Day 63 – Tetrahinge

Day 63 – Tetrahinge 640 480 mathgrrl

Trying to find a better solution for making polyhedral nets than the folding models from Day 44, today we have a hinged version of a tetrahedron.  The hinges are built to print together, fully assembled, using the “low” setting on a Replicator 2.

STL file:
Tinkercad link:
Thingiverse link:

Settings: MakerWare “low” setting in some amount of time that I forgot to make note of!

Stuff you might want to change: What I’d really like is to have modular faces that you clip together after printing, since then I could make much larger polyhedra.  Maybe another day…

UPDATE: This is now a “Staff Favorite” at Tinkercad. You’re my favorite too, Tinkercad! :)



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