Day 66 – The knot 8_18

Day 66 – The knot 8_18

Day 66 – The knot 8_18 640 480 mathgrrl

Our initial reason forgetting a 3D printer was to print mathematical models of knots, so today we go back to our roots and print a model of the knot 8_18 with our new translucent yellow filament:

STL file:
Tinkercad link:
Thingiverse link:

Settings: MakerWare custom knot-slicing profile used in Day 9 and Day 11, on a Replicator 2.

Technical notes: This knot was made in Mathematica using Cantarella data, as usual. Opening the model in Tinkercad fixes the mesh enough for MakerWare to be able to slice it. You can also further repair the mesh with Meshlab and/or Blender if you need to, but for me just opening in Tinkercad is sufficient to make most of my knots work on the Replicator 2 or the Afinia.  It also gives me a chance to add labels so I can identify the knots later on.  Math people, you probably know why I am printing this and what I am likely to print tomorrow…



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