Day 91 – Truncated Icosahedron

Day 91 – Truncated Icosahedron

Day 91 – Truncated Icosahedron 640 480 mathgrrl

We didn’t have time to make this one earlier, so here it is now. A truncated icosahedron (Buckyball/soccerball/football depending on who you are). I made the snaps really tight so this model would stay together very solidly. If you want to take it apart over and over then I recommend loosening the snaps in Tinkercad.

STL file:
Tinkercad link:
Thingiverse link:

Settings: MakerWare .3mm/low filled four build plates and took nearly four hours. From an earlier test I believe that the snap tiles also work well scaled down to maybe 60% size, so you can make a smaller one if you want to try to speed things up a bit.

Technical notes: To make the snaps looser, rotate or use the “Workplane” in Tinkercad so that you can make the snap tines larger. This model was tight enough to hurt my hands when assembling it but it is very sturdy. A small amount of planning or moving things around is needed to make sure that the 2-snaps and 3-snaps fit together at the end of the object when everything closes up.



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