Day 116 – Poly-Snaps Snub Cube

Day 116 – Poly-Snaps Snub Cube

Day 116 – Poly-Snaps Snub Cube 640 480 mathgrrl

A “snub polyhedron” is a model obtained by adding triangles between the faces of another polyhedron. For example the Snub Cube below is like a cube whose six square faces have been exploded outward, with 32 triangles filling in the gaps:

Thingiverse link:

Settings: MakerWare .3mm/low in two batches (to get the two colors).

Technical notes: Again we used the standard “compact” customizer settings. A pair of needle-nose pliers was needed to get the model together the first time, as the tiles don’t have much clearance with these settings. (Actually for some of these we probably used Clearance = .15, since for some reason tiles with fewer sides seem to require less clearance.)

Sides = 3 and 4
Snaps = 3
Side Length = 25
Thickness = 3.5
Border = 3.5
Clearance = .17
Lengthen = .3



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