Day 117 – Poly-Snaps Icosiodecahedron

Day 117 – Poly-Snaps Icosiodecahedron

Day 117 – Poly-Snaps Icosiodecahedron 640 480 mathgrrl

Our fifth Poly-Snap example is the Icosidodecahedron, a semi-regular polyhedron with twenty triangles and twelve pentagons. It’s sort of like a mini-Buckyball with triangles in place of the hexagons. Today’s new model looks nicer and fits together better than our old snap-tile model from Day 89, and in addition you don’t have to worry at all about which types of pentagon or triangle tiles you have along the way, since the Poly-Snaps all have the same snap configuration.

Thingiverse link:

Settings: MakerWare .3mm/low in two batches (to get the two colors).

Technical notes: We used the default sturdy tile setting in the Customizer again, as below. If you have sensitive hands or want to easily take apart and put together the model over and over again, then I recommend either a lower Thickness or a higher Clearance. Test things out with a couple of tiles and see what you like best.

Sides = 3 and 5
Snaps = 3
Side Length = 25
Thickness = 3.5
Border = 3.5
Clearance = .17
Lengthen = .3



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