Day 130 – Trilobite articulatum

Day 130 – Trilobite articulatum

Day 130 – Trilobite articulatum 640 480 mathgrrl

Today is Thanxmas for our family! For the festivities we have a celebratory Trilobite articulatum from AuntDaisy on Thingiverse in our faux fireplace.

Settings: MakerWare .3mm/low in about 4 hours.
Technical notes: We used the “tight” files from AuntDaisy, which worked perfectly on the Replicator 2 with a translucent filament. We recommend printing without raft or support for the body and tail, but with raft and support for the head. (Our initial support-less print of the head had trailing strings on the snaps that had to be cut off, after which the head snaps were too loose to stay on the model.)



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