Day 154 – First Digitizer Print!

Day 154 – First Digitizer Print!

Day 154 – First Digitizer Print! 640 480 mathgrrl

To break in the new MakerBot Digitizer in the JMU 3-SPACE Classroom, my student Patrick scanned and printed a beautiful African woman statue that another student gave me as a gift many years ago. It came out great, with lots of the details intact even with a small print. (This model is also a prototype of a game token that will be part of a later project, so stay tuned.) Does it count as a “print from home” if this print was made at work, and not even by me? It’s my blog and I’m really excited about the Digitizer so yes, yes it does.

STL file:
Thingiverse link: COMING SOON

Settings: MakerWare .2mm/standard. Although we nearly always print in .3mm/low, in this case we wanted to catch some of the finer details.

Call for suggestions: We are finding it surprisingly difficult to find things to scan for some reason. Everything we consider is either something we could design ourselves, or something that has too much interior detail or too many organic features to scan reliably, or something very shiny and therefore difficult to scan, or something we already 3D printed! If you have any good suggestions please let me know. Somehow I thought we would be digitizing everything in sight right away, but we seem to have scanner’s block…


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