Day 172 – Mobius Heart

Day 172 – Mobius Heart

Day 172 – Mobius Heart 640 480 mathgrrl

Happy Valentine’s Day!  In celebration, today we made a Möbius strip in the shape of a heart. The OpenSCAD code was kindly provided by kitwallace.

From the side you can more clearly see its Möbius-ness:

Thingiverse link:
OpenSCAD code:

Settings: MakerWare .3mm/low with no raft and no supports in 26 minutes.

Technical notes: Below is kitwallace’s OpenSCAD code, in case you want to change any of the parameters for your own print.  The heart equations are the same ones we used in Day 133, with a sine curve thrown in on the z-coordinate for curviness.

// Mobius heart by kitwallace
//Radius of strip
Radius = 20;
//Width of Strip
Width = 7;
//Thickness of strip
//Half twists 0 is a collar, 1 is the mobius strip, 2 = full twist
//Start Angle – important if Halftwist = 0
//Step size in degrees
Step = 2;
function f(t) =
[ 16*pow(sin(t),3),
module mobius_strip(radius,width,thickness,step=3,halftwist=3,start=90) {
  for (i = [0:step:360])
   hull() {
     rotate([0,start+i * halftwist * 0.5, 0])
       cube([width,Delta,thickness], center=true);
     rotate([0,start+(i+step)* halftwist * 0.5 , 0])
       cube([width,Delta,thickness], center=true);
Delta= 0.1;



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