Day 177 – Valentine tags

Day 177 – Valentine tags

Day 177 – Valentine tags 640 480 mathgrrl

C’s classroom Valentine’s celebration was cancelled last week due to snow, and rescheduled for today. Stranded at home for a couple of days with no car and no Valentine’s candy to bring to school, we decided to make nametags for the students in his class. A lot of C’s classmates have very unique names so possibly they’ve never been able to get a nametag pencil, ruler, or trinket from one of those tourist trap displays. Hope they like these!

Tinkercad link:

Settings: MakerWare .3mm/low, as usual. The stencil letters held together very well despite the small attaching lines.

Technical notes: These were very easy to make using Tinkercad’s “MajorSnafu Text” shape script and Oliver‘s Tinkrecad “Chamfered and Rounded” community shape script. Follow the Tinkercad link and customize your own!


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