Day 244 – Buckyball with stand

Day 244 – Buckyball with stand

Day 244 – Buckyball with stand 640 480 mathgrrl

Today’s print is the small Buckyball model from pmoews’ Buckyball Easter Egg gift set on Thingiverse. Like owens’ Menger Sponge with External Support model (see Day 157), this Buckyball prints with no internal supports, while being supported underneath by an external custom-made removable stand that prints along with the model. Genius!

Here’s a shot of the Buckyball being laid down over the supports. Although it sits on the supports, it does so lightly, probably with some clearance added in the file so that it actually prints a tiny bit above the supports (at least that’s how the Fidget Cube works from Day 145).

Young C found out that if you put the Buckyball in water, the cells fill up with water windows that make really cool bubble-lens views of the opposite side of the model:

Thingiverse link:

Settings: MakerWare .3mm/low on a Replicator 2 with no supports (except for the external support stand that is built into the model).

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