Day 251: Extended Billy bookcases

Day 251: Extended Billy bookcases

Day 251: Extended Billy bookcases 640 480 mathgrrl

Continuing from yesterday, today we printed some IKEA Billy bookcases with height extenders. The height extenders are sold separately and come in both wide and thin versions. I know you can put them on the tall bookcases, and I’m hoping you can put them on the short versions as well. Rather than print the extenders and try to balance them on the bookcases, we just printed extended one-piece bookcases:

Here they are with their non-extended brothers, in the full set of Billy bookcase possibilities:
Settings: Printed on MakerBot Replicator 2 with .3mm/low settings, with models lying flat so that support is not needed.
Technical notes, dimension/OpenSCAD flavor: The new extended models were rendered with yesterdays’ bookcase module, but taller:
// wide short billy with extender
// wide tall billy with extender
// thin short billy with extender
// thin tall billy with extender

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