Day 328 – SUN Customizable Function Bracelet

Day 328 – SUN Customizable Function Bracelet

Day 328 – SUN Customizable Function Bracelet 150 150 mathgrrl

Continuing the bracelet series from Day 320 and Day 322, today we printed a new customizable sun-shaped variation. The bracelet is a little bit stretchy but not as much as emmett’s classic Stretchlet design.

Thingiverse link:

Settings: Printed on a Replicator 2 and a Replicator Mini at .3mm layer height, with raft. Note that no fancy settings are needed because the design is already just an outline of a bracelet.

Technical notes, design upgrade flavor: In a comment to Day 322, kitwallace mentioned a much nicer redesign using ruled surfaces which he described on his blog The Wallace Line. I’ve got a couple more completed bracelet designs to post and then I’m going to switch to kitwallace’s method. Very cool!

Technical notes, math flavor: This bracelet differs from the TRI design on Day 320 in that the trigonometric function has a variable frequency instead of a fixed frequency of 3. Specifically, we are wrapping the function


around the circle to make these bracelets. The twistiness of the transluscent blue and opaque white bracelets in the picture come from a twist during the OpenSCAD extrude process, not from the mathematical function. However when we upgrade to code based on kitwallace’s suggestion above, we will be able to encode the twist – as well as many other transformations – mathematically.

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