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Level Zero

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Time to begin again: new blog, new rules, and a Level 0 Menger sponge – better known as a “cube”, or “hexahedron” if you’re fancy.

photo (93)

This cube is made out of six folded business cards, and it is going to join 159,999 other folded business-card cubes in the completely crazy, unreasonable MegaMenger project to build a worldwide distributed Level 4 Menger sponge.

The MegaMenger build will use over one million business cards, and is made possible by funding from Queen Mary University of London and the support of the amazing crew at Think Maths. For example, they made this excellent worksheet explaining how to make a cube out of six folded business cards:

Cube construction basics

So get out your business cards and start folding! In the next few posts we’ll show to to combine 400 Level 0 cubes to build our way to a large Level 2 Menger sponge, and then to a gigantic crowdsourced Level 3 that will come together at MoMath during their Celebration of Mind event on October 25.  This in turn will join other Level 3’s from around the world, including in England, Finland, Australia, China, Spain, New Zealand, and South Korea, to make a global distributed MegaMenger Level 4 sponge that will be the largest in history.

And then we’ll get back to 3D printing. Here’s a sneak peek, with a Level 2 Menger cube made on a FormLabs resin printer!

photo (94)

P.S. In case you’re curious, the “new rules” are: no more stinking rules. This isn’t a post-a-day blog and we might talk about a few things that aren’t 3D printed. But mostly of course yes, still 3D printing, lots of failure, lots of walkthrough instructions. Welcome, MakerHome readers!



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