Organic Snowflake Ornaments

Organic Snowflake Ornaments

Organic Snowflake Ornaments 710 528 mathgrrl

Nobody’s perfect, not even snowflakes.

This year we created six beautiful organic snowflake designs, procedurally generated with code in a way that mimics the way that actual snowflakes form as they fall to earth through changing temperature and atmospheric conditions. The OpenSCAD code includes random “wiggles” that introduce imperfections into the structure of the flake, creating a stylized, organic form. The six flakes were created to represent Estonia, Finland, Canada, Russia, Iceland, and Switzerland.

Download the 3D files for free at Thingiverse:

These designs were created with our OpenSCAD-fueled Snowflake Machine, which is a free tool that you can also use if you want to create your own custom snowflake designs. To learn how to use the Snowflake Machine and create your own unique flakes, check out the article Tutorial Tuesday 45: Make One Billion Snowflakes With the Snowflake Machine.

Don’t have a 3D printer, or want something fancy? You can order all six organic snowflake designs in one set from our geekhaus Shapeways Shop:



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