Generating Random Constructivist Art

Generating Random Constructivist Art

Generating Random Constructivist Art 628 472 mathgrrl

This is a joint work by Edmund Harriss and Laura Taalman, aka gelada and mathgrrl, made at the #0things Hackathon at Construct3d 2018. The “0 Things” campaign is the brainchild of the unstoppable DesignMakeTeach, who encourages designers to identify what isn’t available in the 3D modeling world and then to give voice to those missing things. We took on the topic of female artists, and gelada had the great idea of creating a piece inspired by British constructivist artist Mary Martin.

Martin’s artwork Inversions, now in the Tate Gallery in London, is based on the mathematical idea of permutations. Can you work out the structure hidden in her beautiful work?

Our Martin-inspired parametric art generator creates randomly oriented wedges in the sizes and number that you specify. Check it out on Thingiverse and click “Open in Customizer” to make your own uniquely randomized work of art: Conversions – Inspired by Mary Martin’s Inversions. We built the 3D print below from four thin vertical strips, each with its own random seed to generate wedge rotations, and each about the size of a full MakerBot Replicator 2 build plate:



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