Day 87 – Cuboctahedron

Day 87 – Cuboctahedron

Day 87 – Cuboctahedron 640 480 mathgrrl

To get more flexibility constructing polyhedra we can use individual snap tiles instead of pre-arranged hinged nets. This also allows us to make nice two-color semi-regular polyhedra, such as this cuboctahedron:

STL file:
Tinkercad link:
Thingiverse link:

Settings: The tiles are optimized to work with the low/.3mm MakerWare setting on a Replicator 2.

Technical notes: The sizes of the snap tines is crucial to these models. Tighter snaps make very sturdy models that are difficult to snap together but very solid when finished. Looser snaps are better for models you want to experiment with, taking apart and putting together over and over. Finding that sweet spot in the middle where the tiles snap together easily but still sturdily is the key, and that spot varies depending on the angles in the model and how the edges meet between tiles.



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