Rainbow Triple Wrap Bracelet

Rainbow Triple Wrap Bracelet 640 480 mathgrrl
Today we put our XYZ da Vinci Color printer to the test! For the last six months I’ve worn a 3D-printed Triple Wrap Bracelet all day and all night, and it’s great. Mine was printed on a super-fancy HP Jet Fusion printer at Shapeways, and a slightly thicker model would be a pretty nasty torture test for any desktop 3D printer. Plus, we’re going to use Meshmixer add some color… // Hacktastic

Creating Celtic Knots with Fusion 360

Creating Celtic Knots with Fusion 360 640 480 mathgrrl
Today we’ll do a step-by-step walkthrough tutorial on designing 3D Celtic knots from scratch with Fusion 360. Our technique will be to make a grid of dots, then connect the dots with splines, then shift those splines up or down at the crossing points. This gives us a thin curve that traces out the desired knot, and we’ll be able to sweep a circle around that curve to make a round 3D tube… // Shapeways Magazine

Multicolor 3D Printing, from Tinkercad to XYZ

Multicolor 3D Printing, from Tinkercad to XYZ 640 480 mathgrrl
Today’s post is about something that is flat-out easy and in addition somehow actually works. Specifically, we have some good news: You can create color 3D designs in Tinkercad and import them directly into the XYZ da Vinci Color 3D printer for printing! I know, that sounds obvious, but in general color printing is hard and even getting the right kinds of files exported can be a tricky business… // Hacktastic

Full Color Un-Manufacturable Part

Full Color Un-Manufacturable Part 628 472 mathgrrl
This print-in-place impossible screw has two interlocking pieces that twist freely but cannot come apart! A great example of an object that can be made with layer-by-layer 3D printing, but not with traditional manufacturing methods. The model is a remix of TheKre8Group’s Un-Manufacturable Part, with increased clearance, elongated twisty part, and full color added to the interior twist… // Hacktastic

Full Color Desktop 3D Printing?!

Full Color Desktop 3D Printing?! 640 480 mathgrrl
We made these color cubes to test the new XYZ da Vinci Color 3D printer. The cubes were colored as they were printed, with each extrusion layer “painted” by CMYK ink cartridges inside the printer. Like most really great ideas, the idea of combining FFF with ink jet color is so elegant and obvious that we can’t believe we didn’t think of it earlier, but we’re glad that XYZ did… // Hacktastic
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