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Stainless Steel Knots

Stainless Steel Knots 1800 1337 mathgrrl

Knots are embeddings of circles in 3-dimensional space, but they are typically studied in terms of their projections into 2-dimensional space. We can use 3D printed models to investigate knots in a more 3-dimensional way. This series includes nine Stainless Steel 3D printed knot conformations.

Stacking 3D Models for Bulk Printing

Stacking 3D Models for Bulk Printing 840 630 mathgrrl

Sometimes printing multiple copies of a design can make it much more affordable. In this article we’ll compare the cost of printing items individually and in bulk, and show how to efficiently stack and loop objects for inexpensive bulk printing.

Origami Press #2: Yoshizawa Butterfly

Origami Press #2: Yoshizawa Butterfly 2016 1512 mathgrrl

This 3D-printed origami press is a helper for folding a beautiful and elegant butterfly model designed by Akira Yoshizawa. One of the final folds pulls the paper together past its natural fold line, which is what creates the organic, curvy shape of the finished model.

The Snowflake Machine

The Snowflake Machine 628 472 mathgrrl

The Snowflake Machine uses random numbers, mathematical algorithms, computer code, and SCIENCE to create well over a billion unique and beautiful snowflakes. It’s a customizable design available for free on Thingiverse, and people around the world have already used it to generate almost four thousand unique snowflake models!

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Printing the Impossible: Evolution of a Fidget Cube

Printing the Impossible: Evolution of a Fidget Cube 628 417 mathgrrl

Some models are really, really difficult to print on an FDM printer, and “Fidget Cubes” are among the worst, with enclosed hinges and pieces that have to somehow print floating above other things. We’ll track the evolution of this fidgety design over the past five years…


FDM=ASAP but SLS=OMG 640 480 mathgrrl

If you’ve got a desktop FDM 3D printer at home, then you can make your own same-day prints whenever you want to. But, unless you’re hiding a refrigerator-sized $300,000 SLS machine in your garage, there are going to be times when it’s worth sending your prints to a professional 3D printing service like Shapeways…

Text Wrapping with Fusion 360 Sheet Metal Tools

Text Wrapping with Fusion 360 Sheet Metal Tools 710 528 mathgrrl

Sometimes the easiest things can be so difficult. Wrapping text around a cylinder, which is exactly what you’d want to do when making a text-engraved ring, is one of those things! Today we’ll focus on one surprisingly elegant text-wrapping technique for Fusion 360…

Oops, Now Your Photos Are TOO Good!

Oops, Now Your Photos Are TOO Good! 710 528 mathgrrl

So, you read our previous photo tutorial, and now you have a photo light box and/or a nice clip-on macro lens or whatnot, and your photos are so good they almost look like renders. But your photos need to do more than just look pretty; they also need to show that your design can be printed successfully…

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Stainless Steel Knots 1800 1337 mathgrrl
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