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Laura Taalman / mathgrrl

laura_taalman_photo_2016_tri2bFull Professor

James Madison University
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Roop 123, MSC 1911, Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807
laurataalman@gmail.com / (540) 568-3355 / @mathgrrl

Fall 2018 schedule

MATH 231 – Calculus with Functions I
MATH 245 – Discrete Math and Introduction to Proof
Math MakerLab Projects – Projects on knots, graphs, polyhedra, and modeling
Design it, Print it, Share it – From design to product in eight weeks
3D Design in Color – Creating models for the Pallete and da Vinci Color
Design Beyond Tinkercad – Spiralized vases with Fusion 360 and OpenSCAD
JMU Innovation Services
 – Faculty Associate 2018–19

Quick links

3SPACE Classroom – just moved to its new home in Carrier!
Construct3D – academic 3D printing conference October 2018
Illustrating Mathematics – semester program at ICERM Fall 2019
TK Comment Reporting Form – for Taalman/Kohn Calculus books
Brainfreeze Puzzles – for the geekiest Sudoku variations
Academic Vita – last updated early 2016
3D-Printing Résumé – last updated early 2016