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3D Design Made Simple With Morphi

3D Design Made Simple With Morphi 1024 657 mathgrrl

How early can kids learn to create 3D printable designs? As soon as they can use an iPad, if they’re using Morphi, a friendly and powerful 3D design app. Morphi removes all the fiddly barriers to designing in a classroom: How does a student get a picture and send it to the computer? How do you convert an online image to SVG format? What if the internet goes down? Not a problem any more… // Column at Shapeways

Wrapping a Thing Around Another Thing

Wrapping a Thing Around Another Thing 704 533 mathgrrl

For an amateur 3D designer, how to wrap something around another thing is one of those questions that you know must have an answer but seems impossible to figure out. It comes up so often, in fact, that we’re going to devote this post to answering using Grasshopper. And we’re going to give you the code so you can wrap your own things around other things. // Column at Shapeways

Parametric Modeling With Grasshopper

Parametric Modeling With Grasshopper 840 521 mathgrrl

Why create just one design when you can create infinitely many? Instead of designing a ring in just one size, you could use parametric design to control the ring size or the surface pattern, effectively creating many designs within one. Parameters also enable you to create algorithmic, generative designs with amazing complexity. This week we’ll learn how to get started with Grasshopper… // Column at Shapeways

SketchUp for 3D Printed Buildings and Beyond

SketchUp for 3D Printed Buildings and Beyond 840 630 mathgrrl

SketchUp is a natural software choice for bringing architecture to life in 3D. But did you know you can use it to make much more than buildings? If you’re looking for free, reliable software that is easy to start using and also has the teeth for more advanced projects, SketchUp might be the tool you seek. This week we’ll run down the best beginner and intermediate resources for SketchUp… // Column at Shapeways

First Steps with 3D Design Software Fusion 360

First Steps with 3D Design Software Fusion 360 1024 735 mathgrrl

Are you a beginner 3D designer, looking to take the next step after Tinkercad? The good news is, the next thing you’ll learn will make you capable of designing almost anything. The not-as-good news? Since Autodesk retired 123 Design (and Catch, and Make, and Sculpt, gasp!), you now have to take a slightly steeper step to get to the next level. Autodesk recommends taking that step to Fusion 360… // Column for Shapeways

Painting Multicolor Models in Meshmixer

Painting Multicolor Models in Meshmixer 710 528 mathgrrl

Way back in our second Tutorial Tuesday we discussed tutorials for exporting multicolor digital models for 3D printing. But, that assumed you had a multicolor model in the first place. What if you want to add color to some plain old STL files? This week, we’ll walk you through a super simple way to paint color onto STL files with Meshmixer, using our “Perko Morph” model as an example… // Column at Shapeways

Topological Mesh Modeling with TopMod

Topological Mesh Modeling with TopMod 708 534 mathgrrl

Do you want to make beautiful 3D-printable sculptures, jewelry, and lamps? It’s easier than you might think — if you know how to use TopMod. TopMod is a really unique tool to have in your 3D printing toolbox. It specializes in remeshing, wireframing, stellating, and modifying object meshes, and by combining those powerful functions you can quickly create stunning 3D-printable works of art… // Column at Shapeways

Modeling for 3D Printing with Cinema 4D

Modeling for 3D Printing with Cinema 4D 704 533 mathgrrl

Cinema 4D is a powerful, professional modeling program that can be used for 3D animations, motion graphics, and 3D effects. It’s also fairly intuitive, and can be used to create and export models suitable for 3D printing. This post will help you figure out how to prepare C4D models for exporting to STL or VRML format for 3D printing, but for those new to C4D we’ll start with some beginner tutorials… // Column at Shapeways

Using Sculptris to 3D Model With Digital Clay

Using Sculptris to 3D Model With Digital Clay 712 521 mathgrrl

If you want to make an organic-looking sculpted character head or body, and you want to do it for free, then you’ll want to know how to use Sculptris. Sculptris is a free beginner 3D digital sculpting program made available by Pixologic, the company that produces the professional-grade sculpting software ZBrush. It’s like pushing, pulling, and stretching a digital ball of clay… // Column at Shapeways

What 3D Design Software Should I Use?

What 3D Design Software Should I Use? 904 675 mathgrrl

What design software should I use to create a 3D model? The answer: Everything you can. Each program has its own unique personality, and different programs are good at different parts of the design process. While creating one 3D model, you might utilize multiple programs, depending on what you need at various stages. Let’s look at five designs that use multiple programs… // Column at Shapeways

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